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How to Fix a Dewalt Power Tools Battery

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Rechargeable Dewalt power tools batteries eventually will wear down and no longer hold a charge. The Dewalt battery can be taken apart to repair the battery pack. Each Dewalt battery pack is made up of a series of smaller batteries soldered together to form a larger unit. The Dewalt battery may not be working because one or all of these cells are bad. Using a volt “zap” technique will repair the dead cells and have your Dewalt battery pack running like new. 

    Repairing Dewalt Power Tools Batteries


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  1. Locate and unscrew the small screws on the battery casing. Lift off the casing to reveal the series of batteries inside.
  2. Copy down the pattern of the battery placement on a piece of paper. This will simplify reassembly. Take note of which ends are soldered together and whether the ends are positively or negatively charged.
  3. Test each battery in line using a battery testor to determine which battery cells are defective. Mark each defective cell with a pen so you can identify which cells within the Dewalt battery need to be repaired.
  4. Detach the battery cells that need repaired from the battery chain. Use the soldering iron to de-solder the connectors or leads between these cells.
  5. Repair your first cell by “zapping” the battery back to life. Place the black alligator clip on the negative end of the battery and the red end onto the positive end of the battery. Hold for no longer than 3 seconds.

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  6. Retest this battery cell using the battery tester. If the power has not been restored, repeat the process.
  7. Repeat the zapping process on each of the dead internal battery cells.
  8. Re-solder the batteries back in place. Slide the batteries back into the Dewalt battery case and screw it back together.
  9. Place the repaired Dewalt battery pack on its battery charger overnight to fully charge the entire pack.

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