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Should I Replace My Power Tools Batteries?

Power tools batteries can sometimes be rebuilt by a battery dealer by opening the battery pack and replacing the battery cells. is USA leading retailers of high quality cordless drill battery, supplies brand new high qaulity cordless drill batteries for Bosch, Panasonic, Dewalt, Makita, Ryobi and more drills.
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Q: My old cordless drill has a rechargeable battery that’s shot. I can’t find a replacement power tools battery. Can you tell me where to get a replacement?

A: First, find a factory-authorized service dealer (check the Yellow Pages under “Tools, Electric”) and ask about the replacement price. Brace yourself; it might shock you. A new 12-volt battery for an old drill of mine costs $45. Next I called a battery dealer, Batteries Plus (800-MR-START; They quoted me a price of $33 to rebuild the battery, which includes a six-month warranty. Rebuilding consists of opening the battery pack and replacing the ten 1.2-volt cells (10 times 1.2 volts equals 12 volts) with new ones.

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