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Tips For Finding Power Tools Batteries

2 Tips For Finding Power Tools Batteries

Often it can be extremely difficult to find power tools replacement batteries, especially if your cordless drill is an older model out of production.  It seems many stores do not carry older battery packs just to entice you to buy the latest new drill, well, lets not let that happen.  This article is here to help you find a battery pack.

CRAFTSMAN 11098 Power Tools Battery
Craftsman 11098 Power Tools Battery
2000mAh only Price: US $63.13

When you get frustrated looking for a replacement battery and end up at a dead end, use these two tips to get back on track.

Have the model number for your drill.  This number should be located somewhere on your drill, and represents the serial number of the product.  You can use this number to help you find the appropriate battery as many online stores list replacement batteries with the number in the listing.
PANASONIC EY9021 Power Tools Battery
Panasonic EY9021 Power Tools Battery
2000mAh only Price: US $30.69

If using the drill’s model number doesn’t work then a better idea is to find the serial number on the battery pack.  Doing a search for this number almost always returns a good result.

These are just two tips on how you can better your search for cordless drill batteries.  Looking for one can be frustrating, but perhaps the most frustrating part is having to pay an arm and a leg for a new battery pack.  I guess when a seller knows you need it badly they think they can charge a hefty price for it.

It definitely isn’t fair to have to pay so much for a new one, but other than finding one somewhere for cheaper than other places you could always try to revive your battery.  There are a couple of how-to’s out there that show you exactly how to revive a battery back to life.  One video I saw used a welding tool to juice it back up
HITACHI EB 1820 Power Tools Battery
Hitachi EB 1820 Power Tools Battery
2000mAh only Price: US $81.39

If you know where to look then you can definitely find a pack for cheaper. I know of one place where you can find power tools batteries for cheap (which just goes to show how many places are overcharging…). It also has some helpful tips on how you can restore your battery back to life and save some money. All in all its just an excellent place to visit for your power toolsl battery needs. You can see this site at

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